When attending our process, we ask that each person strive for balance and equality with others.

Finding that balance point within self can help develop balance with others.
Dichotomies such as:

Passive / Aggressive

Intellectual / Experiential

Emotional / Mathematical

Adult / Child


We use the playing of music to help create that balance within ourselves, which can be used for sensing into balance with others.

Awarenesses of balance such as:

Left hand <> Right hand

Ahead of the beat <> behind the beat

Sharp pitch <> Flat pitch

Too loud <> Too soft

There is a line in the Bible, "All are equal in the sight of God".

There are many ways we are not equal. But, those ways we are equal is the place of the Divine. So if we wish to be "in the sight of God", we can be, by being in Equality with our fellows.

Tenets of the Church of the Divine Flow

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