Train your body to make better music than you ever dreamed,
faster than you ever thought possible

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Rex Golston conducting the Exuberance Rhythm Ensemble after a Rhythms for Life playshop

Jembes of Rex Golston used in Rhythms for life workshop and private music lessonsankle bells of Rex Golston used in percussion training and ethnic music playing sessions tamborine of Rex Golston used by music students in jam sessions and  the "Rhythms for Life" playshop and rhythm performance
Play Drums, Shakers, Scrapers, Tambourines, Bells, Whistles,
Tibetan Bowls, Gongs and More...


The exciting new specialty of Music Medicine emphasizes music as a most serious subject for deepest study in human behavior and human health, rather than just as a "cultural frill".

Join in with Rex Golston for a Rhythms for Life Playshop, or a private session, for neurological patterning designed to create a good sense of rhythm.

  • Warm up the corpus callosum, improving the interaction between the hemispheres.
  • Warm up the vocal cords and increase the range of pitch as well as quality of overtones.
  • Develop a wider vocabulary of belly laughs to giggles to use for stimulating your own brainpower as well as for use as encouragement of other's humor.
  • Add subtleties to your yoga to increase its value for musicianship in general and rhythm in particular.
  • Discover how much richer life can be by utilizing the Rhythms for Life philosophy and techniques. 

Rex Golston, rhythm teacher and performer, Yoga for Music teacher, Massage for performers including musiciansOutgrow Dementia!!!

 If we are growing more brain paths than we are losing, 
then we are outgrowing dementia.

"Use Music as a Tool, not as a Test" 

When we play music, even simple drums and percussion,
we impel the growth of new dendrites.
This make us more creative and intelligent, with
better coordination and
a sharper, ever improving sense of rhythm.

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Guidesheet for Batucada for Parades


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